Happy World Book Day!!

Happy world book day, fellow book obsessives! This has got to be the coolest day of the year, except for Christmas (when book lovers also get books (; ). What did you do for world book day? I didn’t get to dress up, being in secondary school *sniffs*.

Anywayy, this year, we have a brilliant line up of books to get with our awesome book tokens:

2013′s £1 Books

I’m especially looking forward to buying four- The Diamond Brothers (Anthony Horowitz), Bitter Sweet (Cathy Cassidy), Ruby Redfort- Hang in there Bozo! (Lauren Child), and the Tom Gates Best Book Day ever! (Liz Pichon)- at the weekend. What about you?

Also, there’s a brilliant YA app to download to an Apple Device this year- the World Book Day/Movellas app. Movellas is a great young writers app and site where you can share your writing pieces, and now if you download the world book day app version you can read some exclusive YA world book day books, including one by Josephine Angelini, author of Starcrossed and Dreamless!


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