Tall Tales From Pitch End

By Nigel McDowell, published by Hot Key Books.

Tall Tales From Pitch End

The town of Pitch End is ruled by the powerful Elders, and the citizens are watched over be clockwork sentries. Ten years after the end of a rebellion and the death of his father, nearly fifteen year old Bruno Atlas lives just like any other Pitch Ender- except that he has a secret. He has a forbidden book, called Tall Tales from Pitch End, and he doesn’t know that  this book will change his life forever.

After he discovers a chilling, scary truth about the Elders, he runs from the town, and finds out that there are still rebels of the town, lurking in the mountains. As he teams up with them, Bruno begins an exciting journey, full of rebellion and adventure, with the Tall Tales book to guide him. Can he and his new team of rebels take down the evil Elders?

Before I review this book, can we just take a moment to stare in awe at the amazing, steampunky cover of this tale above? It is AMAZING. Possibly one of the coolest covers I have seen this year. Okay, moment over.

Tall Tales from Pitch End was brilliant. Right from the start it hooked me in- the opening was really powerful and exciting, and that excitement stayed consistent throughout the book. The plot was pretty brilliant and unpredictable, and I really enjoyed reading it. The events in the book were exciting,original, and well constructed, and kept me reading. Tall Tales from Pitch End was an imaginative, Steampunk adventure with some great twists. It was beautifully written, too!

Bruno was a really adventurous protagonist who I really enjoyed reading about. He was a well developed, and loveable character. The evil dudes, the Elders, made great and imaginative bad guys; seriously ruthless people who kept so many secrets from their town. I loved reading Bruno’s rebellion against them!

Overall, I really enjoyed this. Tall Tales was a great debut. The story was great, and I so want to read more. Highly recommended for young teens!


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