The School for Good and Evil

By Soman Chianani, published by HarperCollins.

The School for Good and Evil

“Sophie had waited all of her life to be kidnapped…”

Sophie is one of the prettiest girls in her village; and she has waited all of her life to get kidnapped by the rumored ‘schoolmaster’ in the hopes of being taken away to the Good part of the fantastical ‘School for Good and Evil’. She makes a friend, Agatha, the quiet, dark haired, pale girl who lives in the graveyard. When both are kidnapped and taken away to the special fairy-tale school, they expect that Sophie will be put into Good, and Agatha into Evil. But when they arrive, they are put into the opposite schools! Agatha is taught lessons for princesses, and Sophie taught how to be ugly- as the school is designed to train up the good and the evil to become fairy tale characters. Desperate to escape the castle of princesses, Agatha tries to escape along with the Evil-School placed Sophie who has fallen for a Good prince. But they cannot escape, unless they solve a riddle. A riddle that, in solving, will cause havoc in the school!

Will Agatha and Sophie escape, or will they become merely characters in another fairy tale? Read The School for Good and Evil to find out!

Judging by the covers I’d seen online, this book looked awesome. So I was absolutely over the moon when this book arrived! It was absolutely brilliant- a twisted tale for girls who likes their fairy tales with a bit more action.

Sophie was, really, a mean, stuck up girl who wouldn’t take ‘no’ for an answer. She made a really great character, just like Agatha- who was in fact the kind, pure-hearted one. They were both very different girls will well developed personalities and backgrounds, and I loved reading their story. The moral of this story was ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’- as Sophie and Agatha looked very different to the normal Good and Evil pupils.

I really loved the story line- It was clever, with lots of unexpected plot twists that kept me hooked. It was predictable how the two girls would be forced to become enemies in their own fairy tale story, but I really loved how the author played it out. There were lots of witty bits, and many of the arguments between the characters made me crack up. There was also an essence of True Love, as Sophie was determined to get the handsome prince, Tedros, but Agatha ended up with him as she was theย real princess. The ending was brilliant, and fast paced, but I think the part where they found out who the schoolmaster was and what his purpose was with Sophie was a little too rushed. In think it could have been explained a bit more. Apart from that, I really loved this, and hope there a sequel, or another tale from Soman Chianani soon!


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