By Jessica Brody, published by Macmillan

Unremembered (Unremembered, #1)

“The only thing worse than forgetting your past… is remembering it.”

Sixteen year old Sera is the sole survivor of a plane crash in the middle of the ocean. She wakes up, nicknamed Violet for her purple eyes. She can’t remember anything at all, and she has no family looking for her. Then a mysterious boy called Zen arrives in her hospital room, and tells her that she is called Sera, that she needs to remember that she is part of a secret scientific experiment, and that she is not to trust anyone.

She is adopted by two foster parents and their son, Cody, but upon incidents that make her seem ‘supernatural’ and ‘like a robot’ to the people around her, she decides that she must uncover her real identity and sets off on a dangerous journey with the help of thirteen year old Cody to try and remember her past life. On the way she meets Zen again, and another mysterious person. Who can she trust in this new dangerous world? What is Diotech and what did they do to her? And is she falling for Zen? Read this great book to find out!

I absolutely loved this. It’s everything I hoped for; a lot of gritty action, a brilliant main character, a sci-fi based storyline, and a little bit of romance, too. Unremembered is full of exciting, and unpredictable plot twists which kept me on the edge of my seat whilst reading; and the plot in general really was brilliant. I ended up reading this in about a day, but I wish it could have been a little longer (There will be a sequel though! Yay!) .

Sera made a great leading character, and so did Zen, the love interest. I liked the ‘undying love’ between them, how she had had her memory wiped of him so many times but he was still determined to make her remember him again and never stopped loving her. I also found Cody, the thirteen year old foster brother, one of my favourite characters-He’s just so cool, a nerdy boy with a serious crush on his ‘amnesiac supermodel’ step sister!

…And now we come to the ending. THE ENDING. Possibly one of the most frustrating, most effective cliff-hangers of all time. It absolutely terrified, upset, and excited me, and now I am eagerly awaiting the publication of the sequel!

*QUICK UNRELATED NOTE- Yep, this is my third post in the space of about half an hour. I’m off ill with a cough, and sorting through forgotten, unfinished reviews and posting them! woo!*


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