After the snow

By S.D. Crockett, published by Macmillan

“Everyone got taken away cos i seen tracks in the snow. They all gone.”

Willo is a straggler: he lives in the forest in a cabin with his family, away from the city. One day Willo is outside and hears the screams of Magda, his stepmother. He rushes back home to find that everyone is gone. The twins, his dad, and Magda have all disappeared without a trace. With the help of the dog spirit of the dog skull on his hat, Willo begins a gripping adventure into the city with lost girl Mary to find out what happened to his family. He discovers secrets that have been buried for a long time… but will his knowledge of them cost him his life?


I really loved this! The book has a brilliant dystopian setting of a supposedly never-ending winter, and a poor version of England: It was all too believable  I loved the unique character and voice of Willo: his words are really powerful and packed with emotion. The whole story was totally unpredictable and had me guessing all of the way through. There was a lot of adventure in it- and I loved every second. After the snow is a great book for YA Dystopia fans and adventure seekers.

I can’t wait for ‘One crow alone’, the tale of Magda, out soon!


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