Missing Me

By Sophie McKenzie, published by Simon and Schuster

It’s been six whole years since the events of the previous book, ‘Sister, missing’ and Madison is now a teenager. Lauren is in her early twenties, pregnant, and living a happy life with her boyfriend Jam. The day that Lauren announces that she is pregnant, Madison overhears a conversation with her mum and Lauren, her life is changed forever. Sam, the dad that she had loved and cherished right until the day he died, was not her actual father. Despite being told not to go searching for her biological father, Madison tracks him down and meets him. But soon she is tangled up in his mission, and is plunged into a world of missing girl conspiracies and evil deeds. Can she solve a mystery whilst getting to know her father, and keeping her family safe?

I read the first book in this gripping series years ago, and I absolutely loved it. It was the book that really got me into crime and suspense fiction. I was so excited to read this third, (and probably final) book and had high expectations of it… and all of those expectations were met! I love how this book is told  from Madison’s perspective: she was a really love-able and one of my favorite characters in the second story. Madison’s character developed into a strong, great main character.

I love how Sophie McKenzie has  kept in the whole ‘missing members of the family’ story-line, whilst blending it with a totally different, new story of missing girls and trafficking in order to make the last one in this awesome trilogy different. There is constant suspense throughout the book and i really couldn’t stop reading. I can’t wait to read more from Sophie McKenzie!


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