The Snow Merchant

By Sam Gayton, published by Andersen Press.

The Snow Merchant

Lettie Peppercorn is the twelve year old landlady of a house-turned-hotel on stilts, and ever since she can remember she’s been making tea and soup for the guests and tidying up after them. Her best friends are the wind and a pigeon, and life is no fun at all, but she’s used to it. But one day her life changes forever! A mysterious man who calls himself Blϋstav the Snow Merchant turns up at lettie’s door with a suitcase full of the most wonderful invention ever- snow. After Lettie is introduced to it an adventure begins. She embarks on a mission at sea to find her lost mother, who Blϋstav once knew, with her new best friend Noah: A boy with a branch growing from his shoulder. Their adventure will contain magic, alchemy, and some evil guests… will they be able to claim snow as their own, find Lettie’s mother and get her family back to normal?


This book was awesome! Right from the very first page it hooks you in, and the story is just so unbelievably imaginative. There are all sorts of things packed in, from alchemy and a family mystery to giant whales and great antagonists (Two of which are old ladies who were guests at Letties house!). It’s a great adventurous storyline with lots of unexpected twists and I couldn’t stop reading it. All in all I think it’s a great wintery read that’s perfect to curl up with this holiday.

 I can’t wait to read more from Sam Gayton, his writing is great!


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