Constable & Toop

By Gareth P. Jones, published by Hot Key Books

Sam Toop works with his father and his father’s partner Mr Constable at a funeral parlour. Not only does Sam have to endure looking at dead people, but he can see ghosts too. Sam’s uncle Jack Toop is a murderer and when he comes to stay everything seems to be turned upside down… Jack finds himself working for ghosts and Sam is in the middle of a similar sticky situation… The Black Rot. Nobody knows what it is yet except for that it’s covering the houses of London… can Sam help defeat an Exorcist, and save the ghosts?

I thought this book was great! Another of the new Hot Key Books releases, and I really enjoyed it. Constable and Toop makes a comedic twist on the world of horror. It contains murderous acts, exorcism, ghosts, haunting and more… but the author has made it really come alive with funny bits. It scared me a little, and made me laugh too!

 It’s very well written; with each chapter switching from Sam’s Dilemmas, and to the Ghost’s dilemmas. I loved the way the events develop, and all of the characters such as Sam, Clara, and Lapsewood all come together at the end!

Try this book out, it’s really good! Also, this book has won the Blue Peter Book Award, which is an amazing achievement!


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