The Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy (and other stories)

By Tim Burton, published by Faber&Faber

Award winning Director of creepy, haunting, weird and wonderful movies… Tim Burton wrote a short, 90 page book of haunting short poems!

This book is crammed with creepy poems, about many different things… such as an Oyster Boy, Stain-boy the unfortunate superhero, a girl with many eyes and Jimmy the penguin boy!

I am quite a fan of Tim Burton and his awesome films. I was given this book quite a while back, but found it recently and thought it would be great for my ‘scary reads’ Halloween book challenge, even though it wasn’t on my to-do list a few blogs ago!

All stories, whether they are the three line long ones of the three page long ones, have Burton’s  trademark essence of dark humor. It could be read in about 20 minutes, but i really loved it all the same! With the poets illustrations accompanying each verse; the poems really spring to life. It’s a brilliant, funny, haunting read, check it out!


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