Half-Minute Horrors (Including Gaiman, Patterson & Snicket)

Published by Harper Collins Children’s Books.

Half-Minute Horrors
By a helluva lot of authors
Published by harper Collins

This is a great treasury of mini scary tales by over 70 authors… including Lemony Snicket, Neil Gaiman, Holly Black, Michael Connelly, James Patterson and many more!

Each of the 73 authors have put together a spooky story each, some are 3 pages, some are three lines but they are all a freaky as the next!

The creepy tales each take only thirty seconds to read- but the chills will take much longer to fade…

Dare to read each spine chilling tale?

Well grab a copy and prepare to get a scare with R.L Stines- ‘my worst nightmare’ or even ‘something you ought to know’ by Lemony Snicket, (author of the unfortunate events).

Each story takes you to a totally different place; from a waiting room, a bedroom and a butchers shop to a deep hole and even a garden pond!
This book is a must read for every thrill-seeker… it’s certainly got the scare factor!

For these may be very small stories but they’re guaranteed to give you a very big scare…
I definitely give this a five out of five because it really put me in the main characters place for each and every tale and made me feel as if I was really there… which actually could be quite scary at times!

Review by Georgia



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