Sky Hawk by Gill Lewis

Published by Oxford University Press











Callum and his new friend Iona have a secret, a secret that can’t be kept any longer…

Callum is a farmer’s son in the heart of Scotland.

He loves biking and fishing, but his life is turned upside down because of one girl one bird and a big secret!

The Birds nesting in Callum’s farm are rare and endangered Ospreys who are soon bound to make a long journey for their migration to Africa; after the long summer.
Soon, Callum is tracking the female bird- Iris on her journey!

On the computer he can see her flying to Africa, however, Danger arises during the birds migration.  Callum is desperate for help but cannot find any… until a helping hand turns up from all the way in Gambia.  Will Iris be saved?

Read this spectacular book to find out!

Sky Hawk is a really heart-warming book about friendship.

The author uses a fantastic style to get her story across to the readers, (aged from 9 and up) and I think it’s fantastic!

I hope Gill Lewis writes more brilliant stories!

Review by Georgia x


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