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Book Review: Remix by Non Pratt

Published 4th June 2015 by Walker Books.

21472663Goodreads Synopsis: From the author of Trouble comes a new novel about boys, bands and best mates.

Kaz is still reeling from being dumped by the love of her life… Ruby is bored of hearing about it. Time to change the record.

Three days. Two best mates. One music festival. Zero chance of everything working out.

My Review: Non Pratt’s début novel, Trouble, was undoubtedly one of the best UKYA novels of last year. I was really looking forward to reading more from Non – and a book set at a music festival sounded pretty awesome!

Remix is quite a quick read which was great for me, but the story was so complex and well written. It centres around two best friends, Ruby and Kaz, who tag along with Ruby’s brother and his boyfriend to a music festival – mainly to see their favourite band, Goldentone. From the first night, issues start to unfold. Unexpected people join them at the venue, and some pretty insane things happen – all over the course of a three-day camp.

I really loved the protagonists – They were are well written as Non’s characters in Trouble were. Ruby and Kaz are both flawed and relatable characters who were just really fun to read about.

That said, it did take me almost half of the book to actually understand the network of people – there isn’t a huge cast, but the dual narrative switches so quickly (literally every few paragraphs at some points) that I couldn’t keep track! The narratives of Kaz and Ruby were both well crafted, and I could really feel both girls’ voices – but they changed so quickly that I lost track of who-had-drama-with-who at points.

The final pages of Remix will leave you in a bit of a daze – everything spirals into quite a shocking conclusion that completely stunned me. It feels like quite an abrupt ending – though it’s the kind of resolution that keeps the book in your head for days.

Overall, Remix was another great title from Non Pratt and I’m looking forward to her next book. It’s a perfect read if you’re looking for something short-ish – but one that is very eventful and emotional. I can’t stop thinking about the two best friends!

My Rating:


I received a copy of Remix from the publisher, via LoveReading4Kids, in exchange for a review. In no way at all did this affect my thoughts.

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Mini Reviews: The Night Itself and Darkness Hidden by Zoe Marriott

I received copies of the first two books in The Name of the Blade Trilogy (Thank you Walker!) by total surprise a few weeks ago, and couldn’t wait to start them. After reading them I thought I’d do a combined-review post… Enjoy!(:

The Night Itself by Zoe Marriott

Published 2013 by Walker books.

20703287Synopsis: When fifteen-year-old Mio steals the Katana – her grandfather’s priceless sword – she just wants to liven up a fancy dress costume. But the katana is more than a dusty heirloom, and her actions unleash an ancient evil onto the streets of modern-day London. Mio is soon stalked by the terrors of mythical Japan and it is only the appearance of a mysteriously familiar warrior boy that saves her life. Mio must learn how to control the katana’s legendary powers fast or she risks not only losing her own life… but the love of a lifetime.

My Review: The Night Itself was such a brilliant book! I’ve been meaning to read something by Zoe Marriott for ages, as I’ve only ever read glowing reviews of her fantasy novels. I’m glad I’ve gotten around to The Night Itself at last, as I loved it! I was hooked in from the beginning – literally on the edge of my seat as I read about the freaky events taking place around Mio after she steals the katana.

I’ve fallen in love with Marriott’s writing:  it’s so gorgeous and I was completely immersed. She’s also really talented at crafting memorable characters. Mio was a really great main character, but I also loved her best friend Jack, who I found hilarious!

The plot was crazy and fantastical. I didn’t expect a lot of the aspects, but really enjoyed the story. Highly recommended if you love urban fantasy

My Rating: 


Darkness Hidden by Zoe Marriott

Published 3rd July 2014 by Walker books.

15723550Synopsis: Against all odds, Mio, Jack and Shinobu have defeated the terrifying Nekomata. But Mio is still compelled to protect the katana, her family’s ancestral sword, and now the Underworld has spawned a worse monster – one carrying a devastating plague that sweeps through London like wildfire. As Mio struggles to protect the city and control the sword’s deadly powers, she realizes that there is no way she can keep everyone she loves alive … and she must make a terrible sacrifice to save the world.

My Review: I’m always a little bit apprehensive when starting sequels to really awesome books – but Zoe Marriott definitely didn’t disappoint!

I loved how the romance developed between Mio and Shinobu. One character’s development that was most interesting (and shocking!) was Rachel’s, but she seemed a little bit forgotten about towards the end… I’m definite there will be a bigger focus on her, though, in Frail Mortal Heart. 

I wasn’t sure anything could terrify me more than the monsters in book one, but the new creatures after Mio in Darkness Hidden were terrifying! I was genuinely on the edge of my seat for the most part – but there were points where I saw the jump-scares coming.:P

The ending had me in a complete mess. I honestly do not know what to do now until next summer, when Frail Mortal Heart is released.


^Basically me. // All in all, though, I really highly recommend the first two books in The Name of the Blade trilogy! They were both fantastically action-packed and pacy, and I loved the originality of it. Urban Fantasy is becoming a popular genre, and Marriott’s books really stand out in the market, with the way she blends urban London with ancient Japanese mythology and horror.

My Rating:


I received copies of The Night Itself and Darkness Hidden from the publisher, in exchange for a review. In no way at all did this affect my thoughts.