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Trying to be organised: How I Blog

I’ve always wanted to make a post on how, exactly, I go about blogging – though I wasn’t too sure how to write the post. What do I talk about? It struck me that I literally have no coherent method of blogging. The way I do things is completely all over the place. I know many bloggers who have organised schedules and simple ways of doing things, but I am not one of those people…

Then, I realised, maybe my disorganisation would make an interesting blog post! In no way is my blog professional or organised, but read on for a look at all of the tools I use, to attempt to be 😛

Firstly, for notes and drafts, I use Evernote and OneNote (When I don’t have a notebook around). I use Evernote the most, to jot down random paragraphs of reviews or mini to-do / to-read lists.


When I’m not at my computer or with my phone, I have a notebook available. I used to try to keep my notebooks organised – one journal, one scrapbook, one blogging notebook and one for school work… But everything ends up all over the place. At the moment everything I write down / scrapbook about is in one journal because last year I was using about four notebooks at once. Confuzzling! The GIF on the right is of all of the notebooks I’ve used for writing and blogging over the past year or so.

IMG_3872Probably the biggest and most useful site for me is Goodreads. Hurrah for Goodreads! I do not know how I survived before I signed up: It’s my source (And is for most bloggers!) for synopses, book jackets, publication information… and for tracking my reading. The Goodreads challenge stats come in useful for when I want to clearly see what I’ve been reading so I can choose what to review next.

IMG_3866Another online tool I’ve started using again is Excel. Last year, I attempted to make a spreadsheet of ARCs, so I knew what books to read and review before certain dates. I think I used it for about three months, but it just got abandoned! However,  I’m trying it again this year. I don’t receive an overwhelming amount of proofs to the point where I lose track of things; a main reason I’m doing a spreadsheet for 2015 is to try a new skill. ICT was randomly dropped from my curriculum at school, so I’m resorting to teaching myself spreadsheet skillz.

And, of course, I always use PicMonkey to create images! There are so many photo editing and graphic design programs and sites out there, but PicMonkey is pretty much the only one I use. I always go to it when I need to edit photos for posts, and I’ve used the fonts, overlays & effects to create every graphic on this blog – from my header to the occasional infographic.

If you’re a blogger, what’s your favourite way to create and organise? 🙂