New Year, New Look!

Happy new year, everyone!

As you can probably tell – I don’t really need to make a blog post about this, really – there’s been some changes! They’ve kinda been a long time coming.

I stuck with my old theme for a really long time – longer than any other theme I’d had. So, inevitably, it’s a little sad for me to see my old little blog banner go… But I amΒ lovingΒ this new look.cropped-the-bibliomaniac-header21.jpg

I’m in year eleven, and I’m not great at managing my time, which is not going to be useful in the coming months. Whilst I was planning and scheduling blog posts through December, I realised I was going to need some more motivation to blog. Since September last year, I’ve been in some sort of blogging slump (I wrote about two posts in three months – I’d just scheduled things previously so you couldn’t tell). I realised I’d been slowly losing my love for blogging, the deeper I got into year eleven.

So, my plan is… If I change things up a bit, and start this year with a shiny new look, I’ll be more motivated to post!PicMonkey Collage

It’s been working so far, actually – picking out a new theme and designing a new header weirdly pulled me out of my reading and blogging slump. So, fingers crossed I’ll be able to balance school work and blogging up until Summer – because without this part of my life, I think I’ll go a bit insane!

I’d love to hear your thoughts about the changes I’ve made! Do you like them?

(Personally, I’m really into my new header. It’s looking less cluttered, and it was pretty fun to splash some paint around IRL and fiddle around in Photoshop:) )


12 thoughts on “New Year, New Look!

  1. Denise

    I love the new design! The header is super cute, and gives such a nice look to your blog. I redesigned my blog this summer, and it really gave me more motivation to blog. I hope you rekindle your love for blogging through the new design πŸ˜€

    Denise | The Bibliolater

  2. aubreysbooknook

    I love it! I am in 11th grade also and just came out of a blogging slump as well, so I hear you! School is crazy, life is crazy, and sometimes there is just too much to do even without looking at all of the “bloggy stuff” I need to do and an overflowing email. If you ever need support, feel free to email me or something πŸ™‚

  3. wadeandkristinhuggins

    I LOVE your new design! Much more streamline & minimalist!! And props to your awesome new banner! I feel your pain with posting consistently…especially during the end of semester slump… 2016=new blog goals!!


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