Independent Booksellers Week: The #bookshopcrawl

Independent Booksellers Week is run by IndieBound, and essentially celebrates and publicises independent bookshops annually! Most indie bookshops host events and things throughout the week. I love hearing about things for IBW as I love that it gives a lot of publicity to independent UK bookshops – as sadly there are fewer than 1000 in the UK now.

when I heard about this year’s big event, the #BookshopCrawl, I knew I had to take part! One day, visiting as many indie stores as possible? Yesssss.:D  I really wanted to go up to London to check out some stores I’d never been to, but eventually my mum, brother and I stayed relatively local, visiting four bookshops in four different towns nearby. It was such a fun day!

For the Bookshop Crawl, there’s a competition to make a blog post or video about the day – but I realised I can’t actually enter, as no bookshops I went to seemed to be giving out the IBW2014 BookshopCrawl stickers… (Though I’m not sure if you had to ask for them, I assumed they’d be on the counter, idk:D) 

So, this blog post gives me no chance of winning the prizes, but I really wanted to make a recap of the day anyway, as it was really fun. (: Enjoy!




5 thoughts on “Independent Booksellers Week: The #bookshopcrawl

  1. Rita @ Weaving Pages

    Sounds like you had a really great time, Georgia! I’ll have to look around my local area, but I don’t think there are many independent book stores near me- it’s such a shame! This post has inspired me to take a better look, though!

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