Infographic: graphic novels and comics everyone should read!

This was meant to go up next week but a few people seemed quite interested when I tweeted about it- so I’m posting it early! 🙂 Click on it for a bigger version, if it’s hard to read. Graphic Novels Everybody Should Read! Copy


6 thoughts on “Infographic: graphic novels and comics everyone should read!

  1. Jayd

    Wow! Some if these look really good, especially the three on the top row!
    Bravest Warriors has a comic???! How did I not know this???

    1. keithbwalters Post author

      Yay! Lenore is super super awesome btw. So grim and CUTEEE 😀 Yes! I found bravest warriors through the comic but now I’m watching the web series! Haha 😀

  2. Amy Bookworm (@Amy_Bookworm)

    People can be very convincing… esp on Twitter 😉 As always, awesome infographics…
    Ooh, 3 are by Marvel… Have you heard of Miss Marvel, BTW? You know I haven’t read many (not Miss Marvel yet either) XD If I do get stuck, I’ll definitely check out ‘understanding comics’, assuming it helps with graphic novels too! I think I’ll definitely get some, they’ll be useful if I’m busy to read but want to devour a story as I gather these are faster to read.

    1. keithbwalters Post author

      yay thanks!:D I read graphic novels a lot faster. A little to do with the fact they’re not entirely text, but I did get through a whole one last night because it was soooo addictive, haha 😀


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