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Okay. A bit of a random post here, about lots of random things! I’ve been to a few events over the past week or so, so this is like a wrap up post of various cool things.

Awesomeness #1 and #2: Friday, 4th April

BkaZSwPIEAAEC3eWe had a half day at school for the end of term- so luckily, I was able to get up to London easier in the afternoon, for two events! The first one: A late lunch/ afternoon tea with some lovely bookish people, and Emily Murdoch- author of If You Find Me. I love, love, loved, If You Find Me when I read it last year, and so I jumped at the chance to be able to meet Emily on her first trip over to the UK! She came to the country to attend the awards ceremony because her début novel was short-listed for the Waterstones Children’s Fiction Prize, which is amazing. At the tea, I didn’t know many people, but I did get to meet Alix from Delightful Book Reviews. She’s really lovely! Then, lastly, I had the chance to have a little one-one-one talk with Emily about If You Find Me, and its inspirations, and more. I have the recorded interview ready and I’n currently in the middle of writing it up- so watch out for an interview post soon! Thank you to Orion/Indigo for the event.

Me and my brother hung around the same Waterstones the tea was held at for an event later in the day, which was a talk with three children’s illustrators- Nick Sharratt, Alex T Smith, and Chris Haughton. We were lucky enough to be able to sit in as there were few seats left- I think there were cancellations of reservations and things. The talk was really, really fun, and I enjoyed hearing about the careers and inspirations from three fantastic illustrators. I also got a book illustrated by Nick and the first Claude book by Alex T Smith signed. Thanks, to the illustrators, and to Waterstones for the events! (:

Awesomeness #3: Monday, 7th April

BkaZSwPIEAAEC3eDawn O’Porter recently had her UK tour for her new book, the sequel to Paper Aeroplanes (review here!) – GOOSE (Review here!). I was so excited about getting to meet her after reading and loving both of her YA books. The event I went to was at Waterstones Piccadilly and it was a conversation between Dawn and editor of Glamour mag, Jo Elvin- plus a signing afterwards. the talk was really great, with a lot of laughs too. Dawn is such a brilliant person, she’s hilarious and also gave some really great answers to lots of things. My mum emailed hot key books before the event to ask if Dawn could wish me a happy birthday *dies* *omgwhat* and so Dawn singed my book with a happy birthday message. That was very awesome. It was also nice to chat briefly to some of the lovely Hot Key people- especially Sarah Benton. I was sad to hear abut her leaving. wishing her luck in her new job! ❤

Awesomeness #3: Tuesday, 8th April

I turned fourteen Yay and stuff. My brother made me an epic card photoshopping my face onto Katniss‘ so that makes my birthday worthy of a mention on this random awesomeness post. Also, a Loki themed cake, because my obsession has reached a new level 😀

Awesomeness #5 and #6: Thursday, 10th April

WP_20140410_019I went on another trip to London to go and see an exhibition at the Museum of Childhood! When Nick Sharratt was signing my book the Friday before, he let me know about the exhibition, as it opened this week. I haven’t read Jacqueline’s most recent books, but that’s not saying I wasn’t an obsessive. I still am, really… I grew up with Jacqueline Wilson’s books so an exhibition talking about them, and her life, sounded awesome! The place is really worth going to; the museum itself is small but really cool and full of various cool things. The exhibition, titled Daydreams and Diaries, is really great. There are loads of interactive things, and what I got really excited about was all of the original artwork by Nick Sharratt! Photos weren’t permitted but seriously, if you’re a fan of Jacqueline or Nick or both, it’s definitely worth going to (:

I HIGH FIVED ANDREW GARFIELD. Yup. Omg. Yes. I ALSO SCREAMED A LOT. 😀 ME, my brother and cousin went along to Leicester Square to see if we’d be able to see any actors for the Amazing Spiderman 2 World Premiere. Somehow, we managed to get seriously near to the front of a barrier just off the red carpet, so the main actors all walked straight past us. It was so cool. I made a Tumblr post with pictures and things, which you can see here!

So, the last week or so was pretty cool and resulted in signed books and things and a hand that’s been touched by Andrew Garfield which I’m STILL obsessing over. 😀 Thanks to everyone who organised the bookish events. I loved them!


4 thoughts on “recent awesomeness!

  1. Debbie @ Snuggling on the Sofa

    OMG SO MUCH AWESOMENESS. First of all, I cant believe I missed your birthday! So Happy belated birthday! Emily Murdoch was just so lovely ❤ And v v jealous about Andrew Garfield! I think I need to go to the JW exhibit, because I loved her books as a kid. Great post Georgia!

  2. Melissa@mykindabook

    Hi. You are soo lucky to be able to go to the JW Exhibition. She is one of my favourite authors. And if I got to high-five one of the actors at the premeire, I would be happy about it too. P.S Here is my blog address, I haven’t been blogging for long.

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