The Fairytale survey!

So, I don’t really do any surveys and things on this blog! I really want to get involved with more, though, and I discovered the Fairytale Survey from Ruby @ Feed Me Books Now. I love it! You can view the original post for the tag, started over at the Daily Prophecy! Here goes 😀



Pinocchio – The boy whose nose grows when he lies.
Is there are book you lie about, because you feel ashamed for liking it?
Nope. I don’t think there are any!
Beauty and the beast – The girl who fell in love with personality.
Which book do you love that has a hideous cover?
Hmm… I read IMPOSTOR by Susanne Winnacker earlier this year- and though the copy I read had the US cover, which I love, I honestly can’t stand the UK one. I just don’t get on with the colours! It’s unappealing looking… just… meh.
Snow white – Hunted down for her beauty.
Do you ever buy a book based on the cover alone and if so, what is the last one?
I buy TOO many books based on their covers… The last one…? *rummages through the TBR*
Sleeping beauty – Cursed to sleep, awakened by true love’s kiss.
 What is your favourite book couple?
Gah, TOO MANY!! Katniss and Peeta will always be awesome. But, Fourtris. And Cath and Levi. And all the people. That’s a hard question.
Little Mermaid – Gave up on her old life for love.
Do you ever branch out to new genres or do you like to stick with the ones you know and love? If you try new things out, what is the latest book?
Generally, I read a bit of everything, excepting a few genres like vampire books- I just can’t get on with them after Twilight… I guess I tried a vampire book late last year, Holly Black’s newest book. Also, I don’t read a huge amount of LGBT* fiction but recently I read Alex As Well, so I’m looking forward to reading more from that genre!

Cinderella – Who lost her shoe after midnight.
What is the last book that made you stay up all night?
Alex as Well! I loved it and as soon as I started, I physically couldn’t finish. 

Rapunzel – locked up in a tower.
What is  the worst book you’ve read last month?

I’ve been pretty lucky so far, this year, and I haven’t particularly hated anything- yay! Though, I was pretty disappointed by Secret Avengers: Reverie, which collected the first issues of the series. I’d been looking forward to it for months but I just found it hard to follow the story.


Aladdin – The poor boy who found a genie.
What is the latest book treasure/gem you found?
I really recently fell in love with Mr Penumbra’s 24 Hour Bookstore! A beautiful book about books and Google and cults and… well, it’s weirdly amazing.

Alice in Wonderland – The girl who fell through a rabbit’s hole. 
Which book made you really feel like you landed in another world?
BANISHED by Liz de Jager. I loved the fantasy concept!

East of the sun and west of the moon – where a girl embarks on a journey to save her love.
Who is one of your favorite kick-ass heroines?
Jess Tennant from Jane Casey’s crime thriller YA series is awesome.

The Frog Prince – where an enchanted prince becomes human again.
What is a book you thought you would hate, but end up loving?

Hmm… Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell… I know! *hides* I wasn’t sure, at first. I sometimes read a book with a lot of hype around it and end up a little disappointed. Luckily, though, I didn’t get that with Fangirl.

Hansel and Gretel – left alone in the woods and captured by a witch.
Which duo (sister/sister, brother/sister) is your favourite and why?
Ooh, that’s hard, because I haven’t read about a huge amount! The main character in Natalie Whipple’s Transparent has two really cool brothers, my favourite is the slightly geeky one, but I can’t remember his name at the moment. But they are really cool!

Little Red Riding Hood – almost eaten by a wolf dressed as her grandmother.
What book disappointed you after falling in love with the cover and blurb?
Forgive me, Leonard Peacock by Matthew Quick… I loved the cover and the blurb and I’d read so much hype about it. Don’t get me wrong, I did like the story,  but I was a little disappointed. It’s an emotional and riveting book but for reasons not all of it clicked with me.

Rumpelstilskin – nobody knows his name.
Which book do you love that doesn’t get enough attention?
I have a lot of books I want to mention! STRAY and BURN by Monica Hesse are AMAZING and I rant about them so much. Not many people seem to have read them,. which I’m really sad about, because they’re probably two of the best dystopians I’ve read.

That was fun to answer! 😀 Remember to check out the original post here– and if you decide to join in, too, I’d really love to hear your answers- drop a comment with the link.


4 thoughts on “The Fairytale survey!

  1. maya321

    I bought a copy of Mr Penumbra’s 24-Hour Bookstore the other day and can’t wait to read it! And I agree that Stray and Burn are great – although I think Stray was the best of the two. Love this survey! 😉

    1. keithbwalters Post author

      Yaaay! I hope you enjoy it as much as I did! 😀 It’s an awesome book. And yep, I did love Stray more than Burn, but both are totally awesome 😉 Thanks for the comment!

  2. Mel@thedailyprophecy

    Thanks for joining the fun :D! I’m not a fan of the Imposter covers. It’s sometimes a shame that I base my opinion on covers, because how many great books am I not reading because of it? I’m very interested in reading Fangirl, I love the sound of it.

    1. keithbwalters Post author

      Yay! Yeah, I’m pretty guilty of judging books by covers in bookshops 😦 Impostor is GREAT, though, and so is Fangirl- I hope you enjoy them should you get around to reading them! Thanks for making the survey haha 😀


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