Comic Review: Ms Marvel #1 & 2 by Wilson, Alphona & Herring

Published by Marvel NOW!, February/ March 2014.

Ms Marvel had a lot of hype surrounding it, so while I was in a comic shop the other week, I spotted it and decided to check it out and see why! I bought issue 1 and 2 together, which was a good idea, I don’t think I could have waited to but the next instalment, after finishing the first.

Ms Marvel is a new hero for a new generation of comic readers; she’s a new version, technically- now, she is Kamala Khan, a Turkish character, living in America and it’s visible that she’s disliked for her culture and her family’s traditions. Kamala is such a great protagonist- a bit lonely, and a huge fan of Marvel’s Avengers (so it’s easy to relate to her!), so she’s gob-smacked when she inherits superhero powers from supernatural mists on the way home from her first night out at a party. I’m really looking forward to reading more about her as well. Her family’s shown largely in the issues, and I really liked that because through just two issues of the comic, I feel like I know so much about her and her background!

The artwork is… flawless. I really loved it. I’ve always been a bit of a fan of Adrian Alphona’s work, because he illustrated some of the volumes of the Runaways comics- probably my favourite series. I didn’t recognise his name when I bought this, though, but I realised it was him halfway through reading. I’m so glad he’s drawing these comics. His art style is so gorgeous- as were all of the colours! I think it suits the comic really well. A lot of the time I read comics with great stories but not my favourite art work… so I’m glad that I love the art in Ms Marvel as much as I’m loving the story.

The story is brilliant so far. So is the artwork. And the main character. Ms Marvel so far has been so enjoyable; contemporary themes weaved around an epic superhero origin story. I can tell that this comic is going to only get bigger and more popular than it already is, and loved by anyone and everyone who reads it. The first issue was probably one of the best and most enjoyable starts to any series I’ve ever started (And I’ve started about fifteen in the past year, whoops…). I really recommend it, whether you’re a fan of comics or not.

My Rating:


I purchased copies of Ms Marvel from a local comic store.

NOTE: I’m going to try and review more comics on my blog now, because why not? 🙂 The first comic review I wanted to do was Ms Marvel: I read this on Sunday and… I HAD to talk about it! Mostly in the future I’ll be doing wrap ups of comic series every now and then, because I’m reading so many different series that reviewing 2 issues of everything at a time will be a bit much… Please let me know if you’d like to read more comic reviews or not! 🙂


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