New Books! #45


This is this week’s and last week’s book haul! I’m so excited about everything… but, seriously, I have no more room for my TBR. It’s a problem now. I doubt that’ll stop me from buying, though… ‘Scuse the blurry pictures (:


Split Second by Kasie West: I’ve been looking forward to reading this ever since I finished Pivot Point last year! Thank you so much, to Harper360 for being lovely and sending me a copy of this to review. I’m looking forward to it, and even though I have a big ARC pile at the moment, this may have to go near the top…

Various John Wyndham Books: Thanks to ze dad for spotting these in a library and taking them all out for me! I read the Day of the Triffids last year and loved it, and I read The Chrysalids earlier this year and I loved that even more. I’m really looking forward to reading more of John Wydnham’s books. I really want to try and read all of his titles this year and so maybe I’ll do a fortnight challenge, or something…

SHIFT by Jeff Povey: I’m really excited for this! It sounds really action packed and awesome. A huge thank you to Jenny @ Wondrous Reads- who I won the book from! Thanks :3

Writing in the Sand by Helen Brandom & Pivot Point by Kasie West: A huge thank you to Usborne and Harper360 for these titles! I’ve been looking forward to both of them for ages!

I also bought a lot of comics over the past fortnight, but haven’t had time to take photos and things- but from now on, hopefully, I’ll include any new ones I get in my hauls, too! (There should be a review of a comic I’ve recently discovered and loved up this week, too…) What’ve you bought of received this week? Leave a comment! (:



6 thoughts on “New Books! #45

  1. Ruby @ Feed Me Books Now

    Eeeeek! Why I Write is incredible. I have an obsession with George Orwell and I’ve read all his essays – I hope you enjoy it! And I’ve been meaning to read Pivot Point for AGES so I hope you enjoy Split Second. 😀

    1. keithbwalters Post author

      YAY! My English teacher lent me Politics and the English Language, and now I’m determined to hunt down all of his others, because it was *amazing* 🙂
      Pivot Point! Yes! Do! Ahmayzingness! :3

  2. Lucy @ Queen of Contemporary

    Writing in the Sand sounds really interesting. I’m sure I’ve seen it somewhere else before too.

    Happy reading, Georgia!


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