New books! #42… plus a book launch!

(Just adding here that this book haul post is the answer to life, the universe and everything.)

(42, guys… 😀 Hitchhiker’s reference.)


This week was cool! I only bought (well, mum bought for me…) one book, and I received one in the post too. But, this week I also went to the book launch for Liz de Jager’s BANISHED. More of that at the end of this post!

Book Haul:


Goose by Dawn O’Porter: I really loved Dawn’s first book, Paper Aeroplanes, and I fell in love with the two main characters, Flo and Renee. I’m so excited to read more about them in Goose! It looks brilliant, and I think I’m going to re-read Paper Aeroplanes before starting Goose. Thank you to Hot Key Books for sending me a copy!

Banished by Liz de Jager: This was actually bought last week and it was in my last book haul, but it ended up in my photo as I had it signed at the book launch on Thursday. 

Phoenix by SF Said: I’ve read this and d have a copy, though only a Netgalley edition! Though Phoenix got a five-heart rating in my review last year, I think I couldv’e enjoyed it even more if I had a physical copy- the illustrations didn’t come out right on my kindle. I’m hoping to reread this very soon! I spotted it in Foyles after Liz’s book launch… and, eeeeeee! Foyles had signed copies!

WP_20140301_014  WP_20140301_020


Banished Book Launch: This happened on Thursday in London! You can see the review-graphic of Banished I posted on Wednesday, here, by the way (: . Though I didn’t know many people there, I did get to speak to Kendra Leighton, who wrote GLIMPSE, which is out in June- and also a few bloggers! It was nice to meet you people! There were cool cookies too. Seriously cool cookies. Quick night-in-pictures thing:

Top left- me (unable to look at a camera…) & Liz. Other pictures are of the Blackhart cookies and the Banished display window- which is at Foyles: Charing Cross Road- definitely worth going to see!

Thanks to Liz for being awesome and signing my book for me, too, which is why Banished is in my book haul above again!


So that’s the awesomeness for the week. Feel free to leave a comment with your thoughts if you’ve read any of the books! If you’re a blogger, link back to your own hauls too! 😀


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