New Books! #39 & A quick event recap!


I’m super excited about all of the books I bought and received in the post this week! (:



The Hundred Year Old Man who climbed out of the Window and Disappeared by Jonas Jonasson: One of my school teachers talked to me about this book a while ago, and it sounded crazy, but like something I’d enjoy reading, for some reason! I spotted it in a bookstore and decided I’d pick it up, along with The Great Gatsby- because that’s something I’ve been meaning to read for ages, too. I’m not sure how the title of Jonas Jonasson’s book is going to fit in a future blog post review title! ;D

Secret Avengers- REVERIE (Collecting issues 1-5) from Marvel, Spencer and Ross: This looks really, really awesome. I ordered it and it arrived yesterday, and I’m so excited to be starting the series! I wanted to buy the issues individually when they first came out, but I never did. I love Hawkeye and Black Widow, so I’m pretty sure I’ll enjoy this, and the future volumes, which I’ll probably buy soon if I like it!



Mutant City by Steve Feasey: I’ll admit I’ve never read Changeling, which is Steve Feasey’s famous werewolf novel, but I’m really excited about his new title, here! I wasn’t expecting this at all; actually, I had no idea he had written a new book. The proof arrived this week, with the coolest ARC cover ever. It’s been compared to the X Men and Darren Shan’s horror books… so I’m definitely looking forward to it. (: Thanks, Bloomsbury!

The Forbidden Library by Django Wexler: This was talked about at the RHCP blogger’s event that I went to in January! It sounds awesome, like a really fun adventure to get lost in. Thank you, Random House!

INCINERATOR by Niall Leonard: I finished CRUSHER, which is the first book in this sequence, a couple of weeks ago. I really enjoyed it, and I’m looking forward to seeing what else is in store for the protagonist. Niall, author, gave a reading of one of the scenes at the RHCP crime showcase that I went to, and it was terrifying… and brilliant. I’m hoping to start this tomorrow! Thank you again, Random House.

…And an author event! 

Yesterday, (Saturday) my local library had Gina Blaxill, YA crime author, for a talk about her books. I went along to it, because I really loved all three of Gina’s books (below!) and really wanted to meet her, after getting the chance to interview Gina on my blog a while ago.

Pretty TwistedForget Me NeverSaving Silence

Gina talked about her titles, and her inspirations behind them, and why she decided to write them. She’d always wanted to be an author- writing a fantasy series with a friend at a young age featuring literally thousands of characters! Fantasy had always been a favourite genre, but so had crime, and that’s what Gina has been writing ever since her first publication.

It was really interesting to hear her give writing tips and more- there was a Q & A too but I’m too quiet when I’m at events and things (I know, it totally doesn’t go with my loud fangirly Twitter/Bloggy alter-ego D: )so I didn’t actually ask a question, though everybody else asked some really good ones. I’m looking forward to reading more of Gina’s books, after she shared some info on future ideas she’s planning! Thanks to Ashburton Library’s Liz for organising the event, and to Gina for giving the great talk and for singing my books!


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