A huge thank you to Random House and Dead Good Books for inviting me!

The #RandomYACrime fiction showcase was hosted on Thursday at Random House’s building. I was really excited for it, because Jane Casey, probably my favourite crime author was going to be there amongst three other great writers.Also, crime fiction is one of my favourite genres, so I was looking forward to hearing about upcoming titles. The place looked really cool, especially thanks to the crime scene tape. I really enjoyed the evening! Here’s a recap:



Left to right: Jane Casey, Simon Mason, Helen Grant and Niall Leonard. Thanks to Harriet for the photo!(:



Above are all of the books from the authors who were at the event. There were a few more mentioned, though! I’d already read How to Fall and Running Girl, and I was halfway through Crusher. Two publicists talked about the other titles coming later in the year, including one I’m really excited about: Web of Darkness by Bali Rai.

Then, they passed over to Niall Leonard, who wrote Crusher which has been out for a while, and Incinerator, which is the sequel out this year. He gave a really great talk about what his books were themed on, and also read an extract from Incinerator. It was creepy and chilling- I loved it! 😀 I finished Crusher on Friday and I mostly enjoyed it, so I’m eager to hear more about book two.

Helen Grant also gave a talk about her books, but she showed a presentation about them too. It was really interesting to hear about the settings, where Helen had been herself and she showed up some beautiful pictures of the places. Her titles are about a girl who stumbles upon adventures through Urban Exploration, which is basically exploring the town… not always legally. The books sound really clever, so I’m excited!

After, Jane Casey and Simon Mason held a discussion about their books with Lauren Buckland, Jane’s editor. It was really fun, because I didn’t realise that Simon was a previous editor as well as Jane. They discussed how it felt to be the other side of a novel, this time being the authors edited, instead of being the editors. Simon Mason and Jane Casey also talked about their main characters, Garvie Smith and Jess Tennant.

Afterward I was lucky enough to get copies of my books signed, and to have quick chats with the authors too. I spoke for a while to Simon Mason before the main talk, and he was awesome. It was really great to meet Niall, Helen and Jane too, as well as lovely publicist Jasmine (: I didn’t get the chance to speak to many other bloggers and people, but I was really happy to see Stevie Finegan at the event. I love her Book-tube videos, so it was great to meet her and talk! You can view her channel here.

A really big thank you again to Harriet, Jasmine and the rest of Random House for inviting me. I really enjoyed it, so I’m looking forward to reading upcoming crime titles!


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