Finding Your Inner Cherokee

By Siobhan Curham, published on the Kindle store (eBook only!).

Finding Your Inner CherokeeSynopsis from Siobhan’s site: Finding Your Inner Cherokee is a FREE, non-fiction e-book , full of case studies, exercises and advice, designed to help empower and inspire the victims of bullying.

It is available on Amazon and all other e-book retailers. You can download a copy for FREE here.

I was inspired to write the book after my novel Finding Cherokee Brown was published and I received emails from readers telling me that the book had helped them deal with bullying in their lives.

Reading their emails made me want to do more to help. So, drawing upon my own experiences of bullying and my work as a life coach, I created this book.

I am giving Finding Your Inner Cherokee away for FREE so that anyone who needs or wants to read it will be able to.

My Review: Siobhan. Siobhan Curham, you absolute genius. This book helps SO much, and I just wish it was around when I was a bit younger, so my younger, more-frequently-bullied self could read it! 

When being bullied, you always get the plain and simple tell a teacher advice, from a member of staff at school, or someone similar. either that, or you’re given a book from your school library, that’s a really boring book that doesn’t help you: I’ve been recommended one of those in the past. Now, Siobhan- one of my favourite UKYA authors- has released this: An amazing guide, that stands out from the market entirely. I’ll be recommending it to everyone in my school, and nagging my school librarian to put a poster up about it!

This eBook is divided into different chapters, covering different aspects of all parts of Bullying- and how you can beat it. Each page, each paragraph, was inspirational and moving. Siobhan mentions her own bullying experiences, (She also wrote a guest post for me about it here) and every now and then, there are passages from other bullying vicitms. These were all so saddening and eye-opening, though there are also examples of the writing exercise these victims did, to help themselves. They’re all so thought provoking!

Don’t mistake the tasks in this book for the usual “count to ten” “Walk away slowly” nonsense. Nope! These are all writing (Or the occasional dancing!) exercises to do at home. They really, really do improve your confidence, and so you definitely need to keep a notebook and pen by your side, when reading this! Siobhan is a genius at coaching through writing; as she’s already shown with her life-and-writing companies, Dare To Write and Dare To Dream. I can’t recommend this book enough, for its guides to calming yourself, and realising that the bullying is not your fault. It’s so helpful. 

Overall, Siobhan’s Finding Your Inner Cherokee eBook is definitely one to get a copy of: It’s such a useful guide, that, should I ever get bullied again, I’ll be re-reading over and over. Curham’s writing is so direct, and reassuring. I’m so glad I was able to read this book, as the writing tasks made me realise that I’m awesome and that the bullies are the opposite 😀 (Hopefully that was Siobhan’s intended message…) It also really helps you to understand a bully. I can’t recommend this little guide enough- go grab a copy! Recommend it to everyone! I’ll be doing that!

My Rating: 


I received a copy of Finding Your Inner Cherokee from the author, in exchange for a review. In no way at all did this affect my thoughts.


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