By Julie Sykes, published by Curious Fox Books.

AmberGoodreads Synopsis: How do you live by the rules if you don’t know what they are?

Amber’s lost her memory. She doesn’t even know her real name. The only clues to her identity are a beautiful amber necklace and a broken mobile phone. She’s determined to learn the truth about her past life, and the secrets she’s hiding, but how many rules will she break along the way?

My Review: I was so excited to start this! Pretty cover? Check. One of the first titles from a new publisher? Check. Mysterious synopsis? Check. 😀 I read this in October and thought I had published the review, but found out that I hadn’t! A HUGE apology to Curious Fox! (I can still be in #TeamFox, right…? ;D)

The synopsis made me want to read this story so much, so I dived straight in, as soon as my copy arrived. Luckily, I wasn’t disappointed. Amber was packed full of action, drama, and a splash of romance that livened up the otherwise rather dark aspects of the story.

The plot was really great. I was hooked on this story; reading it between lessons at school was really hard- I just wanted to ignore maths and get on with it! Addictive is a very appropriate word. I devoured the story in a couple of days, utterly absorbed into the story, and sitting on the edge-of-my-form-class-seat, holding back fangirly gasps from the plot twists, so my class wouldn’t think I was weird. Amber was a really unpredictable book- one minute, I thought I had everything sussed out- but I hadn’t. I was so far off the actual result. A real thriller of a book!

The story begins as what seems like a contemporary book, with the summer camp. I just got used to that, enjoying the tension between some characters, almost forgetting that Amber has this special past. Then, things started to unravel for Amber, and the rest of the book was very clever, in terms of plot twists, form then on!

Amber was a character that I loved throughout. She was as confused as me about her past from the beginning of the book. That’s what I love about this book: You form a bond with the main character, because you’re both shocked as more is revealed about the character’s past. There’s a really intriguing supernatural conspiracy to it. I found some parts a little strange- for example, I couldn’t get on with the idea of Amber’s real past at first, and a few parts were revealed quite quickly. The reveal of Amber’s past could have been more suspenseful, but it was interesting all the same. Also, Amber, to me, didn’t seem that emotional about her past, to me, and I’m not sure why.

Overall, Amber was a really thrilling read- apologies for what’s not the greatest review ever- this was half-written from straight after I’d read the book, and half written-just-now as I realised I’d never gotten this post up! The plot was really great, and had me hooked on the story. I loved Julie’s writing, and I’d really enjoy reading more books by her in the future- especially a sequel to Amber! (Hint, hint!) This book has a memorable protagonist, who you can relate to, as well as supernatural aspects that means any sci-fi lover will enjoy it. Fans of both contemporary and sci-fi will devour this book, as I did!

My Rating:



I received a copy of Amber from the publisher,in exchange for a review. In no way at all did this affect my thoughts.


4 thoughts on “Amber

  1. Maya

    I saw this in the library the other day but I didn’t get it out because I was a bit unsure that it wouldn’t be my thing. I wish I had now, it sounds like you loved it! Great review! 😉


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