Mini Reviews: Something Wicked This Way Comes and The Boy With 2 Heads

Well, that was a long blog post title…

This post was intended to go up yesterday! However, I went to see Susan Cooper and Marcus Sedgwick in conversation last night- so I didn’t have time to finish and publish it. ): (The event was great, though! I may write a post on it soon).


Anyway, today I have two very different books for Halloween Reads! One I enjoyed, one… not so, unfortunately ): I’ll start with the mostly negative review, to get that out of the way!

The Boy with Two HeadsThe Boy With 2 Heads by Andy Mulligan: Oh, why didn’t I like this! The synopsis and cover made it look so good; a really outrageously strange novel. I’m including it here, because it has some horror-fiction aspects, too….

I enjoyed this in a few ways; the idea was original, and explained in a way that it was made scarily realistic. The characters, apart from the second head, I liked. They all had well developed back-stories, which was great! The story started off well, and the book was reasonably short- I sped through it over my weekend at the Bath Lit Fest. However, I just couldn’t get on with the book, and I really don’t know why. The boy’s second head annoyed me- and even thought that was the point of the book, pretty much, I just really wanted to put the book down because of him. There’s having a dis-likable character, and then there’s having a character who’s just plain offensive sometimes. I didn’t really like him (head number two) because of the things he’d blurt out- I thought this was a children’s book, but evidently not.

Plot wise it was quite enjoyable… There were clever links to references from earlier in the story… but I really didn’t see how some things matched up. So much was packed into this rather small book, and I felt a bit overwhelmed at all the events going on and having to track all of them (I was reading this on train journeys, etc.!). IN fact, after about 30%, it felt liked the end of the book as this big event had happened and I thought This would be a good place for it to finish. But it just seemed a bit too dragged-out for me :(. I’m sure others will enjoy it, though!

Something Wicked This Way Comes

Something Wicked This Way Comes by Ray Bradbury: This was a really interesting read. I’ve never read anything by Ray Bradbury before (I know! THE HORROR.) and so I was really excited to start one of his titles (Though I did watch the movie of this- years ago!). I thought this would be a fitting one! I really enjoyed reading it- though, at points, I found myself unable to get into the story. I’m not sure why that was- though I have been in a little bit of a reading slump lately, so maybe that’s why… I really did love Bradbury’s writing, though. At points I didn’t, but wholly I loved his style and his unique ways of building up tension. His protagonists, James and Will, had interesting back stories- especially with the one-born-one-minute-before-one-born-one-minute-after-Halloween-night aspect. I couldn’t relate to them that much, however. Overall though, it was a great, eerie story! I loved the idea for the book; of a carousel that can reduce or increase your age, depending on the way it’s going. Also, the circus members were very creepy, especially Mr Dark. He sent shivers up my spine! I’m not sure if a reason I couldn’t get into this as much as I wanted was because I was reading this in small snippets of time between lessons at school. I’ll have to re-read this whenever I can, to see if I can enjoy it more!

My Ratings:


to The Boy With 2 Heads


to Something Wicked This Way Comes

I recieved a copy of The Boy with 2 Head from the publisher via netgalley in exchange for a review, and I borrowed *COUGH* stole *COUGH* Something Wicked This Way comes from my dad’s bookshelf 🙂


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