New Books! #22


I actually wrote this post yesterday, before I went out and visited a few shops- I was going to write here: ‘What? There must be some kind of mistake… I didn’t buy any books this week. How did I manage that?’… And then of course, I went out and I BOUGHT A BOOK 🙂 So… yup. My book buying ban failed miserably thanks to a charity shop!

Well, I did get sent two really amazing looking books as well. So yay- and thank you so much to Hot Key for the beautiful finished copies!

Received in Post:

Fearsome Dreamer (Fearsome Dreamer, #1)

Fearsome Dreamer by Laure Eve: This looks, just… amazing. Look at that pretty cover, guys!! Also, the concept seems really original and exciting too. I really can’t wait to start this, as I’ve heard glowing things about it by people who’ve already read it! I also got the meet Laure the other night- she is awesome, people!

That Burning Summer

The Burning Summer by Lydia Syson: That Burning Summer looks amazing. I loved Lydia’s book with hot key last year, A World Between Us, and so I really can’t wait to dive into this! Also, that cover is so pretty. Vintage-y. It’s so cool, and matches her first book with Hot Key- though they’re not actually related  (:



Frankenstein by Mary Shelley: Yes whoops my book buying ban failed… Oh well- it was broken for very good reason. But grrrrrrrr to the person who put their entire collection of classic books in the charity shop I went into today! I think I may have to go back. They had Hamlet and some other Shakespeare’s and slots of Dickens novels and… oh, goodness, book-geek-out moment. Sorry. I’ll shut up now, after saying that I’ve wanted to read Frankenstein for so long now, after loving the classic old films, so I’m so glad I got this!

What was in your book haul this week, and have you read and liked any of these books? Leave a comment, and happy reading 🙂


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