Mini Reviews!

Over the last couple of months, I’ve forgotten to review a few books I’ve bought, on my blog! As I probably can’t write a whole review on them now, as I haven’t got the details fresh in my head anymore, I’ve decided to do a couple of mini reviews. Summaries on my thoughts, basically. There might be a few more mini reviews coming up soon! 🙂
Here are two horror/sci-fi/dystopia books! They both have the same genres, though they’re remarkably different. Both, however, are utterly terrifying.

172 Hours on the Moon172 HOURS ON THE MOON: (Johan Harstad, Tara Chase-translator)
This was a brilliant read. I loved the idea of a lottery run by NASA for three teens to go up to the moon! I borrowed this from a friend. I thought ooh, interesting! This looks very sciencey. He told me DO NOT READ IT IN THE DARK. NEVER. For the first half of the book, I though he was joking. It was good, well paced with great characters. It seemed a bit contemporary, and I was kind of enjoying it. Then they arrive on the moon as spooky things begin to happen. The horror kicks in. Pace quickens… As does pulse. Stupid me, I read this before going to sleep. I should really listen to my friends better.
172 HOURS was truly quite terrifying. The horror concept was random, a bit, but really thrilling. The last quarter of the book was a bit too fast for me (or was I just scared and reading quickly?). The ending? Wow.
If you’re looking for a good fright, and a real shock, this is the book!

Angelfall (Penryn & the End of Days, #1)ANGELFALL (Susan Ee)
This has been on my to-look-out-for mental list for some time. Spotting it in Sainsbury’s, I grabbed a copy! Honestly, I though it was a paranormal romance thing: apocalypse caused by angels. Wounded angel is tended to by girl looking for answers about her sister. Girl falls in love with angel. Love/action story for rest of book.
While it was a tiny bit like that, I had no idea how much of the horror element was in this book. It started as great as any other dystopia book I’d read… And then it took a dark and sinister turn. The last… Seventy five pages or so were terrifying, and most definitely not what I was expecting! It’s pretty gory and twisted- think Darren Shan’s ZOM B, with elements of sister-love thrown in. Totally gripping, though after such an interesting, dystopia read, I felt the horror oriented ending didn’t quite match up with the rest of the book. Despite that… A brilliant, determined protagonist!

My Ratings: It’s quite hard for me to rate these books… Both were great but there were aspects I didn’t enjoy.



To Angelfall


To 172 Hours On The Moon

I borrowed a copy of 172 Hours from a friend, and bought a copy of Angelfall in a local store.


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