Bookish News! #2

BookishNewsMemeBannerLet the second round of bookish ramblings… commence!

Most people probablyalready knew this… but I only discovered it about three days ago. And now I am extremely excited.

I’m a really huge fan of The Maze Runner trilogy, and so I was jumping up and down in my seat when I found out, via the wonderful, informative twitter, that it is becoming a movie! How brilliant!

The Maze Runner begins when Thomas wakes up, in a lift, the doors of which open to reveal a bunch of children his own age. He finds out that they’ve all been dumped, in this strange place, with no memories of the past at all. They’re in The Glade- and what they don’t know is that they are part of an experiment. Every day, when the doors open, The Runners of the group rush out into the looming maze which surrounds The Glade, and search for a way out. Every time, they fail. But now Thomas is becoming a Runner, and what will he discover?

I think this would make a really great movie. It’s a mixture of dystopia- what’s very popular in book adaptions at the moment- and mystery. From what I’ve seen in stils, the cast definitely look the part; every setting exactly what I’ve imagined whilst reading the original book. I’m sure it will look really exciting on a big screen, too. Since I found out about the movie I’ve been stalking the twitter feed, searching for more news, checking blogs about TheMaze Runner… I’m so excited, I really can’t wait for its release!

My only issue… will they adapt the other books, too? Let’s say Maze Runner is a really successful movie. And now the studios are going to adapt the sequel, too. The Scorch Trials was really, really, awesome- I reckon they could make that, and it would be just as amazing as I’m hoping this first movie will be. But I kinda don’t want them to make a sequel… because then they’d have to finish off the trilogy in order to resolve all of the questions. I really don’t think that The Death Cure would make a good movie. It was a great book and all, but a bit random and all over the place. People wouldn’t be able to follow it on a screen unless they’d read the book.

So, what do you think? Have you reading The Maze Runner, and what did you think of it? Will it make a good motion picture? Or do you think the movie shold be a stand alone? I kind of do. I really don’t want them to ruin it, or make the last book too confusing as a film.

Happy Reading!




4 thoughts on “Bookish News! #2

  1. Jack

    Haven’t read The Maze Runner series, but it looks amazing! I want to read the boos first, before u watch the movie of course. I have to get through all the books I own first. Damn my TBR list! xD

  2. tillzy

    I haven’t read this series, but I heard about the film ages ago and put it on my TBR! It looks like such a cool premise. I’m glad you’re pleased, it’s great when you find a book you love is being made into a film. Especially with a *lot* of YA books being made into films atm. I can’t keep up! They might do all three if it’s really successful.

    1. keithbwalters Post author

      Hehe, I can’t keep up either with the YA adaptions at the moment! Maze Runner is definitely worth reading. So is the rest of the trilogy, though the third one isn’t the best. Hope you enjoy them, if you’re planning on watching/reading them! 🙂


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