Embracing My Inner Geek #3

My post for this week’s EMIG post (hosted by Queen of Contemporary) is an account of an event I went to yesterday! Sherlockians, please don’t hate me.

Sherlock Holmes Book Discussion- Ashburton Library

Yesterday, I went to one of my local libraries along with my brother to go join in with a discussion on everything Sherlock Holmes related- and it was so fun! It was run by MyVoice, a club of 11-19 year olds who bring really awesome, mostly bookish events to libraries. Along with about ten others and the awesome Liz The Librarian, I sat down surrounded by a huge amount of


Sherlock Holmes books. Seriously, the table was covered in them, from the original novels, to biographies on Conan Doyle, to the new remakes, and, the DVD’s (Robert Downey Jr’s ones. Obviously.).

We went around the table, going over our favourite things about Sherlock Holmes. I said that I loved how he could just take one look at a person and know everything about them, even what they’d had for breakfast that morning, just from incredibly clever deductions and body language.


Hard to see, but this says ‘SHERLOCK HOLMES: Wanted for murder’! 😀

Then, we talked about what our favourite books in the Sherlock Holmes series were. I really loved The Hound of the Baskervilles! As well as that, we gave recommendations to each other, and a lot of us Sherlock TV Series fangirls just had to gossip about that.

With a big thanks to the publishing companies, we got some brilliant free goodies! Firstly, Liz had gotten some copies of the third installment of Andrew Lane’s Young Sherlock Holmes series: Devil Cloud. And, thanks to Orion we got The House Of Silk bus passes and there were four jackets logoed with the same book to win in the prize draw. I was ecstatic, because I won one of the jackets! I’ve included pictures of the front and back on this post. It’s a little big for me, but it is so incredibly awesome. 

So, I had a really awesome day! A big thanks to MyVoice for putting it on, Liz for organizing it, and the publishers for sending the lovely freebies.

In the words of Lucy, don’t forget to wear your Geekery like a badge!


5 thoughts on “Embracing My Inner Geek #3

  1. Ruby

    That sounds TOO awesome hehe! I am obsessed with Sherlock (as I’ve probably mentioned before) and I’ve read all the books, including House of Silk too, and I’ve watched the TV series about a million times back-to-back. That day must of been SO fun!


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