Theodore Boone: The Activist

By John Grisham, published by Hodder.

Goodreads synopsis: Theodore Boone is back, and he’s facing his most dangerous case yet. As Strattenburg sits divided over a hot political and environmental issue, Theo finds himself in the middle of the battle. When he uncovers corruption beneath the surface, Theo will confront bigger risks than ever to himself and those he loves. But even face-to-face with danger, Theodore Boone will do whatever it takes to stand up for what’s right.

My review:  I read the first Theodore Boone book a while ago, and love it so much. Although I haven’t actually yet read the second and third in the series, I jumped at the chance of reading this one, the fourth installment! Theodore Boone is just the best fictional young teenager (thirteen). I connected with him much better than any other book character because I’m the same age as him, and his personality is just so realistic and great. He’s funny at points, and clever at others. I really admired his determination not only to be a lawyer, but to represent every child in Strattenburg in a heated political debate that had some very dark aspects. Theo was, overall, just one of those characters that you can’t not like.

The plot was brilliant, and I really wished that the book could’ve been longer than it’s roughly 290 pages. It began rather slowly, with many explanations about different bypass law-related explanations from Theo’s lawyer parents, but the pace picked up very quickly. There was also this subplot which didn’t have very much to do with this bypass, but really kept me on the edge of my seat: the action-packed and terrifying scouts trip! I won’t say what happened, obviously, but I will say that really amped up the action. That, and the shocking incident with Theo’s dog. Back to the bypass problem, the main plot- I really loved how Theo tackled the problem- a road cutting round the town of Strattenburg that threatens the school, many homes, and new football courts. Theo was heroic and really brave about the situation. His solution to the situation was genius and thought-provoking, it made me think about our Earth’s pollution in general. The court scenes, too, were really interesting, especially the last one!

Overall, Theodore Boone: The Activist was a seriously great read. It’s informative about what the law does about crime and the environment, and also packed with tons of action and drama. Theo made a great, relatable and loveable protagonist, and I really can’t wait to read even more about him- I just can’t get enough of this series!

My Goodreads rating: 4/5!

I received Theodore Boone: The Activist from the publisher, in exchange for a review.


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