New books! #8

sorry for not much blogging! I’ve been kinda busy, but I’ll be reviewing as often as I usually do from now on. Anyway, here’s the books I got this week!


Goddess (Josephine Angelini)- I think I’ve posted this- last week! But oh well, here it is again because I’m currently reading it. I loved the previous two books in this trilogy so much! I was ecstatic to receive a copy of the grande finale in the post a few days ago. Thanks so much to Macmillan for a copy! My review will probably be up tomorrow.

Shadow and Bone (The Grisha, #1)

Shadow and Bone (Leigh Bardugo)- A big thanks to Indigo, Orion, for this one! Shadow and Bone looks absolutely awesome, and I’ve wanted to read it for a while. I was so happy when it arrived in the post, so I can’t wait to begin what so many people have written glowing reviews about!

Verity FibbsAsh Mistry and the City of Death (Ash Mistry Chronicles, #2)

Verity Fibbs (Cathy Brett) and Ash Mistry (Sarwat Chadda)- I found these books, which I’ve been itching to read, today! They both look excellent and I can’t wait to start both of them!

Murder on the Orient Express (Hercule Poirot, #10)

Murder on the Orient Express, Poirot #10 (Agatha Christie)- I‘ve always wanted to start reading Agatha Christie and I found this on Dad’s bookshelf! It’s brilliant so far. I’m only a third of the way in, though. Review soon.


Happy reading everyone!


2 thoughts on “New books! #8

    1. keithbwalters Post author

      I’ve been wanting to read it too! Shadow and Bone is published again (different cover, I think) in June along with the sequel, so it’s not a long wait, if you’re looking to buy it!
      Thanks! I hope you enjoy your week’s book haul too! Your first vlog is really cool. 🙂


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