Clockwork Angel

By Cassandra Clare, published by Walker books.
Tessa Gray’s brother Nathaniel moved to London from America to get a new job, and soon Tessa follows him, ready to start a new life away from Nerw York. When she steps off of the ferry, she is introduced to the Dark Sisters, who claim they’re here to look after her.
They uncover her power- Tessa’s ability to see into the life of somebody else through a possession of theirs. After weeks of torture and seeing into people’s terrifying lives, Tessa is rescued by English teenager Will- who claims that the Dark sisters were demons and he was hunting them. Tessa begins an extraordinary life after discovering and seeking refuge with the Shadowhunters- an elite family of demon killers. As she begins to unravel the conspiracy of her missing brother, she also lands herself in trouble with Vampires. Can she save herself, Nathaniel, and choose between the two strikingly beautiful teenage shadowhunters?

I seriously enojoyed this, just as much as The Mortal Instruments! I actually wanted to finish the TMI series before starting the prequel, but oh well. I had this book at home and not city of ashes, so I picked it up instead!
I really liked the plot. It was very well structured, with some great twists that really hooked me in. I think, after reading so much about demons in City Of Ashes, it was great to read a story where the plot was mainly centered around the vampires. It was scarty at parts, and heartbreaking at other. Also, I enjoyed the touch of steampunkiness to Clockwork Angel- it was steampunk weapons and devices, in the victorian era, with demons and vampires. Plainly awesome, in my opinion.
Tessa was a brilliant protagonist. She was three dimensional, and well developed, and I felt really involved with her terrifying journey. I really loved her character- she had the strength and determination of the protagonist of The Mortal Instruments, Clary. It was really shocking to find that she was actually a demon warlock in a way- a seriously exciting plot twist.
Will and Jem made really great love interests. We saw alot of Will in the book, and as much as I loved his character and untameable personality… I think I would have liked to see more of Jem. Although there was quite a big involvement of Jem towards the ending when Tessa discovered his secret, I really would have liked to see a little more of him. Maybe I will in the sequel.

Overall, Clockwork Angel is a thrilling, steampunk read that’s great for teenagers and adults. ALthough a very big book (About 500 pages) it was so fun to read and I can’t wait to buy a cop of the sequel!


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