City of Bones

By Cassandra Clare, published by Walker Books.

Teenager Clary Fray is at a club with her best friend, Simon, when she sees demons and Jace and Isabelle, the shadowhunters, for the first time. Upon coming home, she finds her house ransacked and her mother kidnapped… by demons. Joining the strikingly attractive Jace and his step-siblings, all demon hunters, she is determined to track down her mother’s kidnapper, the evil shadowhunter-turned -evil Valentine,  and find her mum. Clary meets faeries, demons, vampires, and werewolves along the way, on a terrifying and exciting journey. She finds herself falling in love with Jace, but a twisted truth involving Valentine and Clary’s mother will tear Jace and Clary apart from each other…

I’ve always wanted to read the Mortal Instruments series, and I finally got the chance to start it, and City of Bones was brilliant! It has EVERYTHING in it- City of Bones has so many mythical creatures in it, I lost count! The plot was great, and kept me guessing throughout. There were lots of extreme plot twists too, the most shocking being how Clary discovered that she (*SPOILER ALERT*) was actually related to Jace- that was shocking, twisted, and totally unpredictable! I loved the setting, as it was based in modern day New York City, which has a hidden, supernatural side to it. Clary was a brilliant protagonist, and was confident and adventurous. I liked the love triangle, which developed throughout the story- Simon loved Clary, and Clary loved Jace. I loved the characters of Simon and Jace, and they made great competitors!

City of Bones was beautifully written, and packed with suspense and drama. I really, really enjoyed it, and will definitely be watching the movie and reading the rest of the series!


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