By Ally Condie, published by Razor Bill (Penguin)

Matched (Matched, #1)

“Watched by society; trapped by rules; freed by love?”

Cassia lives in a dark vision of the future where The Society rule everything- they decide who you will marry, how many kids you will bear, when you will die… even how much food you eat. They dictate over everything.

When Cassia is matched to her lifelong best friend, Xander, she is given a special card which she can slot in to a device to see pictures of him. But upon viewing his profile, a different face appears… Ky, another friend. While she tries to get to the bottom of why he was accidentally put as another ‘Match’, she will uncover dark, sinister secrets about The Society, and fall in love with Ky… what will happen after she has fallen in love with the wrong person?

I kept meaning to buy this, as it looked like a really good YA book, and the reviews said so too. I read it in a day, and really loved it! Ally Condie has generated a dark, dystopic world… where everything is perfect to the citizens, but really it’s sinister underneath. It’s imaginative, and futuristic. My only problem is some parts weren’t explained; like the device called ‘the port’- I really had no idea what that was. However, the plot was clever, with the events exciting and at points, terrifying.

I really liked the character of Cassie, but I think she could have been a bit more rebellious. She was a great narrator and adventurous, but not exactly Tris from Divergent. The two love interests were great, too- I loved both of them and there was a lot of visible rivalry, which I liked and it made the love triangle very effective.

Overall, it’s a really great dystopic read, full of futuristic visions and battles for love, great for teenagers. I’ll be picking up the sequel soon.


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