Warm Bodies

By Isaac Marion, published by Vintage (Also coming out as a movie in a few days).

Warm Bodies (Warm Bodies #1)

“Who says romance is dead?”

R is a Zombie in a crumbling world, living in an abandoned 747 at a zombie infested airport. He can remember nothing at all about his life before his death, only the beginning letter of his old name, but he can think, and talk… kind of. He craves brains, like every other zombie. They crave them because they can live the memories that they hold.

One day  on a hunting trip with his pal M and some other undead, he eats the brains of a boy called Perry, and experiences Perry’s memories of his girlfriend, Julie Grigio. Finding Julie, he takes her as a hostage to his airplane home, planning to feast on her insides later. But Julie has triggered something inside of him, and his emotions are changing. He is in love with her, but it’s not that simple. This love is reigniting life inside R, and he’s getting warmer. As he hides inside the hideout of the remaining humans, he and Julie are about to uncover something big- something that could change the apocalyptic wasteland of a world forever…

Move aside, vampire romance novels. It’s zombie romance time.

This was, by far, one of the most intriguing books I have ever read. It’s not really a romance, despite the reviews saying it is. In fact, they kiss once. At the end. Yes, he is in love with her, but none of this was lovey-dovey, thankfully! I was more interested in the zombies and the apocalyptic story line… which was brilliant. It was perfectly executed, and imaginative. It had its scary points, and its funny points!

R was a brilliant main character. He was funny, and full of personality. I thought that the whole idea of a zombie narrator was strange at first, but I really, really loved it. Julie made a great character too- a broken girl with a haunting past who is the light that begins to cure the zombies. She was outrageous, adventurous, and seriously cool.

Their journey together was so fun to read, and I really recommend it! This was, by far, one of the best zombie reads I’ve ever encountered, and I now really want to read more from Isaac Marion, and watch the film (Although, of course, the films are NEVER as good as the books).


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