Hot Key Books/Templar Bloggers Brunch!!

(Awesome alliteration there in the title- ‘books bloggers brunch’ 😉 )




A massive thank you to Templar publishing and Hot Key Books Publishing for inviting me over to their awesome joint-event with food, authors, and books!

All of us bloggers sat down to two mini-talks about some of the highlights of both publishers new releases for this year, then had a yummy lunch whilst meeting fellow bloggers and authors. It was nice to meet lots of awesome bloggers, kind publishing people and some really great authors who have signed my books! Along with a couple of other books which arrived in the post for me today, I now have a lineup of about 15 books to review, including some of Templar’s’ recently published YA and a chunk Hot Key Books’s releases from February to June, and two great looking ones from Harper Collins that were mailed to me to keep me busy! Keep your eyes peeled for some reviews of these!


3 thoughts on “Hot Key Books/Templar Bloggers Brunch!!

  1. Jack

    You’re so lucky! D you think they’ll ever do another? You have to read Friday Brown, is the most brilliantly written book I’ve ever read, seriously. I love Hot Key Books so much! They publish the best book I’ve read, and looking forward to read! 😉 😀

    1. keithbwalters Post author

      They do yearly blogger lunches! There was one june 2012, and this one was feb 2013. I’m sure they’d invite you to the next one- you review stuff for them 🙂

      1. Jack

        Yeah, id love to! My uncle lives in London, so I often visit. And seriously, the staff there are so nice. 🙂

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