By R. J. Palacio, published by Corgi

“My name is August. I wont describe what i look like. Whatever you’re thinking, it’s probably worse.”

August Pullman is an intelligent boy who has an obsession with Star Wars. There’s only one thing that seems to separate him from everybody else: He was born with disfigurements to his face, so he looks different to the other kids of the neighborhood.

Upon turning the age for grade five, August makes the brave decision to begin middle school. The story follows this brave young boy travel through his first year of going to a real school. What will happen?

I picked up this book after seeing all of the good reviews and seeing it be on the ‘book of the month’ table at the bookstore. I couldn’t wait to read this debut from a new author! I absolutely loved the whole thing. It has such emotion packed into the pages. It made me laugh at points, and cry at some too-August is a truly unique, and special character. He made a great and unforgettable protagonist, His narration especially was powerful, thought-provoking and emotional.

I really liked the format of the story, and how the narratives changed. I wasn’t expecting that; but I found it a really clever technique. It really explores the friends and relatives backgrounds and plots in depth, but keeps to Augusts’ story at the same time.

All in all, this really is a stunning debut from a really great new author, not to be missed by anybody.  I really can’t wait to read more from R. J. Palacio!


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