All these things I’ve done

By Gabrielle Zevin, published by Macmillan.

For Anya, love will become a life-or-death choice…

It’s New York in the year 2082, and Anya has, as believed by the police, attempted to murder her ex-boyfriend. Even though she was not the criminal against the poison laced in the chocolate she gave her ex, she is considered dangerous (She is one of New York’s most notorious criminals daughter) and sent to Liberty Island where criminals are now kept.

Upon coming out with criminal status, she falls in love with the District Attorneys son: Win. But she cannot love him. It could cost her a lot; including her loved ones lives. What will she decide; to stay with Win and risk lives, or leave him to save her siblings?

This book is the first in the BIRTHRIGHT Trilogy, and now I can’t wait for the second instalment!

It’s a heart-breaking and sad story: The protagonists older brother is unable to help run the house, her grandmother is bed-ridden and her parents were both murdered in an unsolved conspiracy. As you’re introduced to this Anya’s ex-boyfriend is poisoned! Suddenly the book turns into a fast-paced thriller complete with gangster-family members with grudges on each other, and a fight for survival as well. It’s a brilliant story, with a strong main character who I loved reading about, and the book ticked all of the boxes for me. I would really recommend it to all YA’s looking for an exciting, crime based read!


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