An interview with a fellow blogger!

Hi there!
This post isn’t a book review… or an author interview- In fact, it’s an interview with ‘Little M’, a child blogger like me! Little M keeps a blog (created in March 2012) with her mum ‘Big M’, and they really enjoy reading! 
Here is a little bit of info on everything to do with books and blogging from
Enjoy! And make sure to check out their blog, it’s fantastic!
Now for the Q&A’S: 
So, why did you want to start a blog?
Well when my Mum was around my age she used to keep track of books she read. So when she told me about this I really wanted to start my own records. But I thought maybe I could blog it instead. And here I am! 
How long have you been blogging for?
I’m a newbie at blogging beacuse we only started in March 2012 so we have only been blogging for about 4 months. 
You share a book blog with your mum, ‘Big M’, do you get your books read quicker this way?
It can speed things up this way but M and I have different tastes so we tend to read different books. But it does speed it up a bit! 
Is there a particular genre you really love to review?
Hmm, particular genres that I really enjoy are action, mysteries, dystopian and lots more. I could go on for a lot longer.   
Have you got a favorite author?
Yes, I do have a few favorite authors. They are Lauren St John, Gill Lewis and Teri Terry (author of Slated).
I love Lauren St. John too! And finally, can you tell us which books are coming up on your blog next?
 Yes, I can tell you that on the 6th of July we are doing a book giveaway and that book is Uncommon Criminals by Ally Carter. Also my small review of that is on the same post. We also have a lot of interviews and a few book giveaways coming up soon. And in August we are doing a children’s classics special.
Thanks for your time, WeSatDown… so everybody, make sure to check out their blog, I bet the book giveaway will be great!

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