Manga Workshop with Chie Kutsuwada.

Manga Workshop!

Last Saturday in Ashburton Library, Croydon a brilliant manga author/ illustrator popped in to give a talk on manga for 11-19 year olds!
The workshop is for a club in the Croydon libraries called ‘My Voice’ – full of great activities all of the time for teenagers who live locally. We all started off by being introduced to Chie Kutsuwada, an awesome manga artist whose work includes ‘As you like it’ in the Manga Shakespeare series. Chie’s work is excellent and really stands out in the modern world of Manga!!!
So, we were introduced by some well known Japanese comics, and learnt about the differences between American, English and Japanese art.

It was really interesting to see how different so many things are, but you would hardly ever notice! We went on to Chie showing us how to draw a facial profile of a manga style face, which was really fun!
After some snacks we went back to work, finding top tips on features and what manga chibis are-they’re really cute kind of versions of normal manga! Chie Kutsuwada was a really good teacher-she guided us through and worked with us by showing us the answers to all of our questions.
Overall, the workshop was great, many thanks to Chie Kutsuwada and the people who attended, I had so much fun!



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