An interview with Michelle Harrison

Michelle Harrison is a best-selling, (London Based) author for young adult fiction.

Since she became an author Michelle has written the 3 books in the “13 Treasures” Trilogy. Michelle is currently working on a fab new story entitled ‘unrest’!

I caught up with Michelle Harrison for a great interview all about her life, and her books…

Georgia: What were your original ambitions at secondary school?

Michelle: I spent most of my school years focused in a career of art. Initially, I wanted to be a fine artist of portrait painter. I began writing stories at about the age of fourteen and by the time I left school it was my ambition to be an author and illustrator!

What subjects did you enjoy as a child?

I enjoyed Art, English, History and P.E. I had always hated maths, but I wish I had tried harder on it now!

What was your favourite childhood book?

I loved Enid Blytons ‘famous five’ stories, they were the books that made me into a reader… But, my favourite book was probably ‘the witches’ by Roald Dahl. It’s scary in the best possible way!

What did you do before you were an author?

I’ve worked as a barmaid, an art gallery attendant, and a children’s bookseller for water stones. My most recent job was in the editorial team of a children’s publisher, where I worked for three and a half years! I now write full time.

Have you met any other famous authors?

Yes, I’ve met Malorie Blackman, Cathy Cassidy, Julia Golding, Marcus Sedgewick and Jacqueline Wilson… Just to name a few!

Can you give us a brief introduction as to what your ‘13’ Trilogy is about?

The trilogy begins with a girl named Tanya, who has been able to see fairies all her whole life but doesn’t know why. These aren’t the pink, sweet fairies that most of us are familiar with. The fairies in my books can be cruel and cunning and they make Tanya’s life a misery. Each story is contained in itself as Tanya digs deeper into the fairy world. Along the way, she meets Red, a mysterious girl who is on the run and looking for her brother after he was stolen by fairies!

What are you working on now?

I am currently working on a supernatural thriller; titled ‘unrest’. Its aimed to the market of young adults and being released in spring 2012!

And finally, do you have any advice for any budding young writers ?

1: Read lots. As much as you can, and as widely as you can. You’ll learn what makes a good story and what doesn’t.

2: Write lots. Start with short stories, or write a diary/blog. Get into the habit of writing-after you’ve written something, rewrite and improve on what you have. Why not try entering competitions to spur you on?!

3: keep at it; overnight successes are extremely rare and most writers get lots of knock-backs before having any luck… You need a thick skin to be a writer!


I hope you enjoyed this interview, and from reading this I know you’ll try one of Michelle Harrison’s trilogy! Also, don’t forget to read ‘unrest’, which will be released in spring 2012!


Interview by Georgia


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