Gary Northfield and Derek the Sheep at BecFest.

Following on from the excellent talk and illustrations by Alex Milway (see previous article by Georgia) we dashed into Beckenham and barely managed to finish our Wimpy burgers before it was time to get back to meet Gary Northfield at the library.

Gary has worked on the Horrible Histories magazine and, up until recently, his regular series ‘Derek the Sheep’ graced the pages of my son’s favourite comic, The Beano.





Now with Derek the Sheep out as a book, Gary spent some time at the library getting the children very excited about creating and drawing their own comic characters and even allowed them to draw his own character, Derek.

Whilst this was going on, I had a little potter around the library to get out the Mythical 9th Division books (by Alex Milway) for my children to read.

When I returned, I’d missed the best bit!

Gary had asked my son, Sam, what he wanted to be when he grew up -he said he wanted to be an artist – so, Gary drew a cracking picture of Sam with easel and paintbrush.

The pages from the flipchart pad are now signed by Gary Northfield and at home -now to get them framed!

If you get the chance to take your children to an event by Gary Northfield or by Alex Milway, do not let it slip by – the children at the BecFest events left full of ideas – and they haven’t stopped drawing since !


Thanks to BecFest, the staff at Beckenham Library and to Gary & Alex.




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