Alex Milway, best selling author, gave a talk at the Beckenham library for BecFest on Saturday the 2nd of July!

Alex Milway is a local, Beckenham/Penge based author who loves to write about adventures involving animals. His first books were the Mousehunter trilogy; starring a young intrepid girl called Emmeline. The plot is all about species of mice like the golden mouse and the elephant mouse. Mousebeard is the name of a villain in the second title, “The Curse of Mousebeard”. The series is very popular and highly recommended for ages 8 to 14.

Just out, are the all new Mythical 9th Division books!

At the moment the first two are in bookshops and a third title is underway! These unique books are all about three yetis called Albrecht, Saar and Timonen.  The yetis work undercover for the British Army and risk their necks to save the world from evil masterminds.  The first book in the series is called ‘Operation Robot Storm’ and following that is the sequel called ‘Terror of the Deep’.  These books by the wonderful Alex Milway are packed choc-a-block with his own illustrations and cartoon strips as well as his writing!  I personally would recommend this series for 7 to 12 year olds.

At the BecFest in Beckenham Library, Alex Milway made a special visit.   He has already given a talk once before at the same library, and with the help of some children, created the Mythical 10th Division.  This time me and some other children created the Mythical 11th Division!

The original idea was to design an army of mythical beasts to fight off evil and defend the planet, but strangely we ended up with an army of evil chocolate!

The experience was absolutely fantastic and all of the members of the library thoroughly enjoyed it.

Thank you Alex Milway, and keep writing more brilliant books!



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